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Dialogue - Kurdistan Iraq


On the 13th of June 2013 Dipl. Eng. Nasyr Birkholz took part in the event "Dialogue International- Kurdistan Region of Iraq" in Munich.
The event was organized by vbw Munich, the association of Bavarian Industry, led by Rainer Ptok, Head of Foreign Trade, and Economic Policy department in cooperation with the DAFG, German Arab Friendship Society and the DWI, German Trade Office in Erbil, Iraq.
S.E. Falah Mustafa, "Head of the Kurdistan Regional Governorate, Department of Foreign Relations," provided an overview of the current political and economic situation in North Iraq.
After a welcome speech by Prof. Randolf Rodenstock, Vice President of the German Arab Friendship Society in Berlin and honorary president of the vbw and welcoming words by the State Minister Emilia F. Müller for Federal and European Affairs in the Bavarian State Chancellery in Munich, Mr. Birkholz hosted a workshop for senior German businessmen as well as with Mr. Volker Wildner, head of the German Trade Office in Erbil. Afterwards experiences doing business in the region were exchanged and Mr. Birkholz answered several questions.
Mr. Birkholz has been active for many years in the region for business and is very successful doing so.Not only for this reason he is a popular conversation partner for both the German and the Iraqi side and is always engaged sharing his know-how and expertise with German companies for their benefit.
All parties and participants were unanimous about the tremendous business potential in northern Iraq in virtually all economic sectors and certain about the opportunities for foreign, especially German investors.