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Interview with Nasyr Birkholz


On the 14th of august 2013 Dipl. Eng. Nasyr Birkholz answered in an interview for the “Deutsche Welle “questions about entrepreneurship in Germany and the Arab Countries, and in particular to his role as owner and CEO of Birkholz International GmbH and BB by Berlin GmbH.
He gave an overview of the development in the manager floors of large companies and how the American model, to dismiss senior staff so as to initiate savings, has swept into Europe with the consequence that companies lose their personality and often their uniqueness in the market.
Mr. Birkholz spoke of German small and medium-sized businesses and their mentality.
What makes the difference between a company whose owner directs the company and a company in which a senior manager runs the company?
The owner is usually also the founder of the company, and thus the success of the company it is important not only for financial reasons but also for reasons of personal success, idealism and commitment to its employees. Also, the social commitment to employees is ensured, thus creating a solid and long-term basis for cooperation within the company.
Taxes in Germany are considered as a duty and not merely as a burden or load.
To the difference between German and Arab businessmen Mr. Birkholz said that Arab entrepreneurs rather like to perform in trade, less in industry.
Their entrepreneurial spirit is often limited to making money fast, not so much on sustainability building a business. The performances are sometimes dreamy and unrealistic.
The reliability of German entrepreneurs who sometimes need a solid endurance along the way, the seriousness of the business, the responsibility for employees and the tradition of small and medium enterprises with a family minded business mentality make German companies successfully.أزمة_لدى_مدراء_الشركات_الكبيرة/