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Perfume manufacturer „BB by Berlin“ opened new headquarter near Berlin

New headquarter of BB by Berlin

Kleinmachnow - Since Friday, September 18th the Europarc Dreilinden in Kleinmachnow (near Berlin) is richer for one new company. The perfume brand "BB by Berlin" has established a new site in the industrial area next to Ebay, Porsche and McDonald's. From there, soon, the German market is to be conquered. "We hope that we can still sell at this location this year, but it has to be perfect," says owner and CEO Nasyr Birkholz. The most important sales market is so far the Arab region.


The native of Iraqi had come in 1988 to study in Berlin. In the early 90s he founded the Birkholz group, which includes a shipping and moving companies. The scents of the graduate engineer has come by chance after he had taken over the representation of Schwarzkopf & Henkel for the Iraqi market. The range in the Arab world lacked European perfumes, so the businessman. The demand for it was very great.


With the "BB by Berlin" brand it manufactures mainly perfumes and deodorants for men and women. The names sound more unusual: King, Friedrich, Löwe or to appeal to the man, while Charlotte, Sophie and Marlene to score with the ladies.


The product range is constantly expanding. Besides Eau de Toilette there are body sprays, hair gels, hair dyes and shampoos children. In German drugstores and supermarkets the customer is looking for the scented products so far in vain. That should change by the company headquarters in Kleinmachnow.


The new headquarters is dominated by a foyer, at the end of a replica of the Brandenburg Gate stands. "Here then will be sold our fragrances, fashion shows and product presentations take place," said spokesman Christian Mühl. "It is as it were the first retail location of the company."


In the 2000 square meters large building about 20 employees will continue to work meticulously on new fragrance recipes. "We're just at the very beginning, but here are sales and marketing are controlled," says Nasyr Birkholz. In the coming year is to be pushed forward, especially in the online area. "We want to concentrate on Amazon and Ebay, and especially our own online store open," said Mühl. "2017 are then scheduled to smaller stores in Berlin."


Birkholz estimates the location Dreilinden because of its historical significance. He was a fan of Prussia, Berlin and Brandenburg. Thus, the brand aims to identify not only the names but also visually. The Brandenburg Gate, the Victory Column and the Unter den Linden boulevard adorn the vials and packaging. Above the entrance sits a Quadriga in a ratio of 1 to 1.5 and in the doorway welcomes a man-sized Berlin Goldelse future visitors.


Total Birkholz has invested five million euros in the new building on the A115. On subsidies from the State of the operator has deliberately omitted. "I want to decide what I do and how and when not subject to any conditions alone."



By Björn Stelley -