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"Berlin is fragant"


Kleinmachnow (near Berlin) -  They have names like Emily, Sophie, Charlotte, König, Friedrich or Löwe - the scents of care ranges from the house "BB by Berlin", whose headquarters is in Kleinmachnow since this September. Eyecatcher of the new representative office is a replica of the Quadriga of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The quad team of horses and Victoria as charioteer greets motorists along the A115. The Goldelse on the back attracts visitors of Europarc. With these and other replicas of famous landmarks BB CEO Dipl.-Ing. Nasyr Birkholz expresses his love for Berlin-Brandenburg. He was born in Iraq and lifes for more than 25 years in the region, he is married and has two sons. They should lead the business later.
At the new location up to 20 employees will be working. In addition to development, design and marketing and export and distribution will be resident on site. The terrain between Porsch Centre and former Checkpoint Bravo is also the reception of foreign guests and business partners, as well as the presentation of new products from "BB by Berlin". A first impression of international business mediated the visit of numerous ambassadors of Arab countries to the inauguration.
Another guests were also Kleinmachnows Deputy Mayor Hartmut Piecha, and Teltow Town Hall Chef Thomas Schmidt. "I live only 5 minutes away from here and if I want to see all the sights of Berlin at once, then I will come in the future, here forth" - so Piecha during his words. He was referring to the surrounding ceiling structure along the showrooms. This shows a lot of important and historical buildings of Berlin. They can be illuminated, as required by underlying LED elements. "Especially for exhibitions, fashion shows and product launches this room own particular", says Christian Mühl - Head of communication within the company. The showroom will also be the first official shop of the company.
In his commemorative speech Nasyr Birkholz gave his personal thanks for all the project participants expressed that made his dream of a business card for "BB by Berlin" into reality in a striking architecture. But - "Without the support of my family it would not have been possible" - a satisfied Nasyr Birkholz added this to his speech.
The company headquarters in Kleinmachnow Albert-Einstein-Ring 46 is open monday till friday, daily from 08:00 - 18:00 clock.