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About us

Dipl. Eng. Nasyr Birkholz, founder of Birkholz International GmbH shaped all his companies lead by a strong pathway.

"Success comes from effort, imagination, an absolute willpower and the ability to make courageous decisions in the interest of the company."

 Nasyr Birkholz founded the Birkholz Group with his first company Birkholz Transports in Berlin in 1991, which advanced to be the largest logistic and transport service partner in 1997.

2001 Birkholz International GmbH was founded. Since 2003 Mr. Birkholz cooperates exclusively with Somerland Distribution & Trading Agency C. Ltd in Sulaymania in Iraq.

This was such a courageous decision, since Mr. Birkholz was one of the first German entrepreneurs to enter the Iraqi market. Not many dared to do business in that region in those days. Mr. Birkholz with his farsightedness was able to oversee the opportunities given in Iraq and became exclusive Distributor for Schwarzkopf Henkel products in Iraq with locations in Bagdad, Sulaymania and Erbil in Cooperation with Somerland.

Birkholz International GmbH, Association for foreign commerce and industry agency, provides German companies the knowledge and the experience within the Iraqi market and provides with its expertise of the business mentality numerous companies on both sides the necessary contacts , knowhow and finally the way into the market.

2009 Mr. Birkholz opened a representative office in the Friedrichsstreet in Berlin, in the center of the vibrant city.

2010 Nasyr Birkholz founded the company BB by Berlin GmbH, which specialized in manufacturing and worldwide trading of luxurious perfumes and additional beauty products and cosmetics. With this he once more proved to have the ability to foresee the market, especially in the Arabic world and to enthuse his staff and himself for the product.

The Birkholz Group is located in Berlin and Düsseldorf, employs app. 40 staff members and reached in 2011 an annual turnover of app. 6 million € .