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Jahreswirtschaftsmagazin 2012 Irak & Ich


Mict event on the 16th of December 2011 in Berlin
Mr. Birkholz followed the invitation of mict (Media in cooperation and transition GmbH ) in Berlin , that was held on the 16th of December 2011 on the occasion of the presentation of the magazine” Irak & Ich “ and the honoring of the 2 Iraqi journalists , that won the open eye award this year.
Birkholz International GmbH is represented in the magazine with Mr. Birkholz report on his experiences in the Iraqi market. After the reception held by all those responsible, among them chief editor Sven Recker, the new magazine was introduced, which includes several portraits of personalities from Business, politics and diplomacy as well as private individuals and the annual economic report 201172012 of wp.i ( economic platform Iraq) .
Mict also paid tribute to the winners of the open eye award, the journalists Runak Omer Mohammed for the category “best female Journalist” and Adel Fakhir Farhood Al-Saedi for the category“best article”.
Mr. Birkholz took the opportunity to learn more about the journalists work and to meet up with personalities from economy and ministries, like Dr. Klaus Hachmeier, an expert on Iraq in the Middle East department of the Federal ministry of Economics and Technology in a relaxed atmosphere.